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The Global Unity Network

Uplift and provide support to navigate through life obstacles effectively.

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About Us

The Global Unity Network provides various veterans’ assistance. Our committed services specifically address the needs of veterans, ensuring they get the care and assistance they need without having to leave their homes.

Our mission is to empower veterans, at risk youth, and senior citizens, ensuring they lead safe, and vibrant lives by connecting them with essential resources. Through the institutional support, we aim to extend the quality of life to individuals, and animals alike. Our overarching goal is achieved through collaboration with community ambassadors who facilitate engagement in social activities.

Our Mission

The Global Unity Network’s mission is to improve the lives of veterans, seniors, and rescued pets. We empower veterans and senior citizens to lead safe, healthy, vibrant lives by connecting these communities to resources that improve their quality of life. The Global Unity Network provides these communities with institutional support. Our overall goal is to improve and extend the quality of life for people and animals by working with ambassadors who help the community engage in social activities. 

Our Programs

The Global Unity Network takes great pride in delivering these programs.



Rescued Animals

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Meet Our Team

These people are not special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.

Antonio Pettyjohnblue

Founder, CEO

Red Burkett


Ezekiel Turbe Gosan